Distribution of Hens

Distribution of Hens (Layers) and other equipments among the poultry female beneficiaries

Training in poultry raring and management was provided to 41 female poultry beneficiaries in UC hazara and Kuz Abakhel. These beneficiaries were selected from the different Cos through resolutions. The training was provided in the community. The trainer was Miss. Rehana Yasmin, instructor in AHETI Peshawar. The purpose of the training was to equip female project beneficiaries in poultry management and provide them layers for egg production and link them with the market.  After training 15 hens (Layers) with other equipments i.e. feeder, drinker, feed and vaccines were distributed per participants to a total of 41 female poultry beneficiaries. Male of these beneficiaries will be linked with the market for marketing of eggs through concerned VO/CO.