Creating a positive mass effect in district Buner

Livelihood Support for Small Community Infrastructure Programme

A Joint Venture of PPAF and EPS under the funding from KFW in District Buner

Union Councils Koga & Nawagai (November, 2012 to April, 2015)

Creating Positive Mass Effect in Rural Development

(A Focused Approach to Eradicating Abject Poverty in District Buner).


“EPS strives to alleviate the poverty of the people (men & women) of selected union councils (Koga & Nawagai) through a focused approach of structured social mobilization and utilize their potential capabilities, skills and available resources to meet their identified and prioritized needs”.

“The purpose is to enable people to through a focused and scalable program of actions by bringing them into the three tiers of social mobilization (CO-VO-LSO) for common purpose. The programmatic tools are identification of the local activists, capacity building, institutional development, support to institutions, small community based infrastructure schemes, environmental management and productive linkages”


Human and Institutional Development

• To mobilize, organize and empower the deprived households, women, transitory and ultra poor and person with disabilities in the selected union councils. • To enhance the capacities of grassroots level institutions at all the three levels particularly marginalized groups, women, ultra poor and disabled to contribute to socio-economic, environmental and political development. • Burgeoning young population to be equipped with productive skills and providing a sustained and broad-based momentum to development.

Community Physical Infrastructure

To improve service delivery by providing the basic infrastructure using the blend of indigenous knowledge and engineering designs in the six target union councils
Nov, 2012